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Web design in Edinburgh

The Internet offers great opportunities to promote your activity, whether you have a small or a large business, a company, you're an artist, an academic and so on. Anybody can benefit from presenting their work in a proper and accessible way. This is when we come into the picture. We're one of the first established companies offering top quality web design in Edinburgh. We'll show you what is available for your activity and we'll explain what's the best way to tailor it around your needs.

These are the web services we offer:

Web Design

Top-level professional web design in Edinburgh with nearly 20 years of experience. We can produce beautiful bespoke web design, WordPress websites, Joomla websites and mobile websites. Content management systems will give you a powerful platform to empower you to easily take total control over the contents of your website, uploading text and images and editing them just with a few clicks. Contents accessibility is a priority for us.


We've a wide range of solutions to help you sell your products or services on-line. We'll give you the right inputs and advices to build a powerful shop which will attract many clients. Furthermore with less than 2 hours training you'll be able to fully and independently manage your on-line shop. Security is our top priority to ensure you safe transitions of credit and payments into your account.

Search engines optimisation (SEO)

A website is a great way to showcase and promote your work. A wonderful website which can not be found is nearly useless. Google ranking is fundamental for your website. Having good results in Google is like having a shop on the high street instead of a secondary road in the suburbs, with the extra benefits that potentially this is on a world-wide scale. We don't promise what nobody can and we're very realistic about our skills. We've very high success rate.

Web marketing

You can build a perfect website, but its content can remain invisible to search engines unless you promote it. Several tools can help promote your activity: social medias, newsletter campaigns, access analysis, branding. There's a lot of talking around social medias such as Facebook or Twitter, but very few people have truly understood how to use them properly. It's not just a matter of being there, it's a matter of being there in the right way. Through a coordinated and consistent presence, your activity will project a solid and strong image. Newtreedesign can plan and develop these web marketing strategies for you.

Hosting & domain name registration

Quality hosting is another way to have a bold presence on the Internet. Fast, reliable, affordable and secure hosting is key to give your website and emails a powerful platform. Furthermore having all these services under the same umbrella can result in improved consistency and a dramatic decrease of communication issues between you and several service providers. All this with Edinburgh based support. This means total peace of mind. We will also help you in the process of picking your website name and register it for you.

Training & consulting

We're here to help! Whatever your IT ambitions or problems are, we can offer a flexible and effective training and consulting program. We can arrange training for individuals and groups on specific or broad subjects. Just give us a call and discuss with us what is best for you.

Other services

We produce customised booking and reservation systems, calendars, interactive maps, newsletters design and management, mailing lists, blogs, forums and guest books.

Feel free to check our portoflio for some examples of our web design in Edinburgh.

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